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Toy Garlic Dude Stuffed Plush
Toy Garlic Dude Stuffed Plush
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$9.98 The Garlic Dude is available as a limited edition numbered stuffed plush toy in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the grand daddy of all festivals, the Gilroy Garlic Festival.The Garlic Dude can be yours to hug and kiss everyday. Great for garlic nuts, your kids as a joke, or your grandkids to teach about eating right. Get the whole family laughing and smiling everyday with the garlic dude from the original Garlic Shoppe in the world. Stands 12 inches high 7 healthy chubby inches across and 6 inches deep to hug tightly. Will stand and sit too. What a perfect gift idea $9.98 great addition to a gift basket too to add some character ;)

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