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Gift Basket Easy Shopping and FAST
Gift Basket Easy Shopping and FAST
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Top 10 of The Garlic Shoppe Best Sellers can be ordered with just ONE CLICK right here right now

TOP 10 Sellers Pickled Garlic 8oz $8.98 Garlic Dude Garlic Stuffed Olives 10oz $10.98 Garlic Dude Dust 5 oz $8.98 Garlic Dude Garlic Mustard 8oz $6.98 Garlic Dude Garlic Aioli (Mayonnaise) $8.98 Garlic Dude Dust 5oz $8.98 Garlic Dude Garlic BBQ 12oz $7.98 Garlic Dude Garlic Butter $9.98 Tahoe House Roasted Garlic Teriyaki 12oz $9.98 Garlic Dude NO SALT Special blend herbs with garlic $8.98 in a gift basket with bow.

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5 pasta sauces & a pasta choice Gift basket
5 Pasta Sauce Heaven with pasta in a great Gift Basket with a handmade floppy bow These are full size jars not itty bitty small basket jars Garlic Survival Garlic Artichoke $8.98 Garlic Pasta Sauce from Garlic Dude $7.98 Pasta Sauce of our choice $9.98 Roasted Garlic pasta Sauce $8.98 Garlic Survival Garlic and Basil Sauce $8.98 and a pasta of our choice fill your basket. . Give a gift of good warm flavors.
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5 pasta sauces & a pasta choice Gift basket 5pastasaucesgiftbasket
BBQ Summer Celebration of 5 bottles Giftbasket
Big handmade bow caps this gift basket of our best selling BBQ sauces. Garlic Dude BBQ Sauce 12oz $7.98 Pepper Plant BBQ from Gilroy 12 oz $8.98 Garlic Festival BBQ Sauce 12 oz $8.98 Pappys White lightning in a 12.7 oz flask $7.98 44 Clove garlic cooking sauce from Garlic Survival Company $8.98

Mama Raps has won lots of awards as have the other barbecue sauces.
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Salsas Giftbasket of 4 Garlicky salsas
4 delicious salsas all made with world famous gilroy garlic. A perfect host or hostess gift when youre invited over this summer Dont bring the same old bottle of wine Try this instead Garlic Dude Garlic Salsa $7.98 Garlic Survival Garlic Salsa $7.98 Pepper Plant Salsa $8.98 PSYCHO Garlic Salsa $8.98 Enough salsas for one great party or a whole bunch of nights snuggled in front of the television. A handmade bow tops this giftbasket which is shrink wrapped tightly.
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Mustards,  Mayo and Aioli for 5 item Garlic Dude Giftbasket
Bring this to the summer BBQ or cookout this year Garlic Dude Garlic Mustard $6.98 Garlic Dude Jalapeno Garlic Mustard $6.98 Garlic Dude Habanero Roasted Garlic Mustard $7.98 Garlic Dude Garlic Mayonnaise with Dill $6.98 Garlic Dude Aioli(Mayonnaise) $8.98 in a shrinkwrapped basket with a handmade floppy bow.
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Essential Cooking Sauces From Our own recipes of Mama Raps
Garlic Dude BBQ Sauce $7.98 Garlic Bordelaise Steak Sauce $6.98 Garlic Jelly $9.98 Garlic & Horseradish Sauce $5.98 Garlic Aioli $8.98 Christopher Ranch Chopped Garlic 32 oz 10.98

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Essential Cooking Sauces From Our own recipes of Mama Raps essentialcookingsaucesgiftbasket
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