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Garlic Artichoke Pasta Sauce Garlic Survival Co 16oz

Garlic Artichoke Pasta Sauce Garlic Survival Co 16oz
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16oz of Tomatoes, burgundy wine, artichokes , oliveoil, garlic,dehydrated onion,balsamic vinegar, sugar, salt,parsley, black pepper, and italian seasoning with The Garlic Survival mix of love and skill brings you something different and Californian for sure.


Hmmm! Always good to follow a theme with your meal. Have some Mama Raps Garlic Stuffed olives as your first course? Big Green Olives handstuffed with delicious garlic to pop into your mouth and the restof the crew.
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mama Raps 16 oz
Crusty french bread, Mama Raps extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic, good friend and family, good food good wine, good conversation now thats the good life. Keep that good olive feeling going for every course.
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