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Garlic Dude Dust Boquet Garni 27 oz Best Value

Garlic Dude Dust Mama Raps 27 oz
Garlic Dude Dust Mama Raps 27 oz
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This is the #1 selling seasoning in The Garlic Shoppe. It was created by Chef owner Alex Larson with years of testing and tasting by our customers in the shop. Save 20% on this size compared to buying the 5oz jars. Combine Gilroy California's most famous garlic & the traditional boquet garni recipe of France with just 7% salt and you have a new original that people rave about. Built in shaker and clear container .Perfect garlic french fries are a snap. Just sprinkle the Dude Dust on and that's it! Cooks use it on everything . It is just right as a rub or just seasoning meats and chicken. Sprinkle it on vegetables and salads or make garlic bread by just whipping it over a toasted loaf of buttered bread. This is the size for people who cook and eat. No Preservatives as our customers requested.

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