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Mustard Mayonnaise Bread Spreads Jelly

Bread Spreads        Mustard and Mayo           Jelly
Hmmm. There are mustard lovers all over the world. Here are some of the best that have garlic in them. We've tasted hundreds of mustards, mayonnaises and bread spreads to find the best ones for you, your family and friends. Our finds will make a regular sandwich or snack become a gourmet treat. Be sure to try all these on both fresh and cooked vegetables and with fish dishes to create great taste sensations. Dont forget to go to the World Mustard Festival in March in the Napa Valley. Our own Mama Raps Jalapeno Mustard with Garlic has been a winner there.

Yes, Garlic Jelly , Jalapeno Jelly, & Habanero Jelly are for real! Try them as a glaze the last 10 minutes on chicken or ham or serve poured over cream cheese and crackers or toast. You can also dip egg rolls in them or put some in stir fry dishes.

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