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Garlic Pasta Sauce NO SUGAR Mama Raps 16oz

Garlic Pasta Sauce NO SUGAR Mama Raps 16oz
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Just like Grandma used to make. NO SUGAR ADDED. Simmered for hours on the stove and stirred with love. The tomatos are well cooked and full of garlicky flavor. All that simmering contributes to a well seasoned sauce of tomato paste,water,burgundy wine,garlic,olive oil,onion,parsley,spices and a touch of salt where all the herbs and spices meld together first in your nose and then in your mouth. You are gonna like this real Italian pasta sauce. Definitely a gourmet garlic pasta sauce not a supermarket taste at all.


Garlic Lemon Dust Mama Raps 5oz
Spices, Onion, Garlic, Lemon together in a powdered form are perfect to sprinkle fish, seafood, veggies and salads.
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Garlic Lemon Dust Mama Raps 5oz passprinmamr1
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