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Garlic Steak Sauce Mama Raps 5 oz

Garlic Steak Sauce Mama Raps 5 oz
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Use just like A1 or any other steak sauce. We bet you will switch to Mama Raps Steak Sauce after you try it. It brings out the flavor of the meat not cover it up like some steak sauces. You can make a traditional FRENCH bordelaise sauce by just pouring the bottle of sauce into a saucepan and letting it reduce and thicken to a bbq sauce like texture. Serve on the plate with a little sourcream and then dip your meats in this. HMmm! Ingredients are: worcestershire sauce, caramel color, soy sauce,water, dehydrated garlic,salt sugar and less thano.1% of sodium benzoate. This 5 inch tall bottle is cute in a gift basket or for your favorite nephew,niece or grandkid as their special sauce.

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