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Hmmmm arriba! Its salsa time Gilroy Garlic style! The top two selling salsas are our own brands the mild Mama Raps Garlic Salsa and the hot PSYCHO Garlic Salsa with jalapeno and habanero peppers tempered with molasses. Spontaneous Combustion and Daves Insanity offer the hottest salsa on this page since they have some extract (capascin) of the habanero pepper in them. The heat level drops as you go down the list here. Cowboy Salsa and Garlic Survival are brands made right in in the garlic capital. Did you know salsa is the biggest selling condiment in America now? Bigger than ketchup. Heres some recipe ideas to try. Try some salsa with a splash of hot sauce with eggs or poured over some crispy fresh salad for a low calorie breakfast lunch or dinner with a latin flair. Bruschetta California style is easy when you serve salsa with toasted french bread rounds and some sliced mozzarella or other cheeses as an appetizer or entree. Serve raw or cooked bite sized vegetables tossed into really ice cold salsa for a refreshing vegetarian dish.

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