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Thrill of A Dill Seasoning Dip by To Market 2 oz

Thrill of A Dill Seasoning Dip by To Market 2 oz
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THRILL OF A DILL: One of our most versatile dips. A wonderful blend of premium dill weed, onion recipe, parsley and more. No preservatives, only a trace of salt. Each package makes 10 cups of dip. (Net wt. 2 oz.)

TIPS AND TRICKS... Thrill of a Dill is wonderful with fish and seafood.

Chopped cucumber may be added to the dip to make an extra special sauce for fish.

Mix the dill dip with baby shrimp and stuff a tomato or make a sandwich.

For a low calorie feast, the dry dill dip may be sprinkled on halibut or salmon before baking.

Sprinkle the dry dill mix over sauteed vegetables while cooking.

Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon dry dill mix to canned tomato soup.

Mix blended dill dip into your favorite potato salad recipe.

Top a baked potato with Thrill of a Dill dip.

Stuff mushrooms with dill dip for a delicious appetizer.

Toss steamed new potatoes with melted butter and dry dill mix.

Mix the dill dip with water-packed tuna for a special tuna sandwich treat.

Ingredients: Dill, Parsley, Onion, Spices, Salt and Dextrose

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